Bloomfield Winter Market application

Thank you for your interest in the Bloomfield Winter Market. Please fill out the application below and send Ricky an email if you have any problems or questions!

2016-2017 Bloomfield Winter Market Application

  • Rules and Regulations

    Bloomfield Winter Market
    Vendor Rules and Regulations

    The Bloomfield Development Corporation is the owner and operator of the Bloomfield Winter Market and will enforce all rules and regulations. Bloomfield Development Corporation retains the right to prohibit a vendor from participating in the Market, without a refund, if rules are broken.

    Winter Market Season: November 19, December 10, January 14, February 11, March 11
    Hours: 11am – 2pm; Vendor set-up: 9:45am – 10:45am; Vendor tear-down: 2:10pm-3pm

    1. Set Up & Tear Down: All tents, tables, signage, etc. must be completely set up by 10:45 am. Tear down cannot start until 2:10 pm.
    2. Arriving Late: Scheduled vendor must notify the Market Manager of late arrival by 9:30am in order to keep designated stall. (724.271.8971) Vendors arriving late may be assigned to alternate stall space.
    3. Stall Location & Amount of Space: Vendor Stall location is subject to change permanently or temporarily during the winter season. All vending tables, tents, merchandise, signage and inventory must be set up in the specified 10’ x 10’ space.
    4. Absent: Bloomfield Winter Market staff must be notified of an absence by noon of the Friday prior to the market. In the case of an emergency absence vendors must notify Market Manager ASAP.
    5. Rain or Shine: The Bloomfield Winter Market is a rain or shine market and therefore weather does not constitute an emergency absence. In the event of extremely inclement weather, the Market Manager will notify all vendors by 6 am on Market day.
    6. Product Acceptance: The Bloomfield Development Corporation reserves the right to approve, refuse, & limit products to be sold at the Bloomfield Winter Market. Vendors must request approval from the Market Manager before changing product or adding additional product during the season.
    7. Origin of product: Only vendors who have been approved may sell brokered produce/products. All vendors must label origin of produce/products.
    8. Insurance: Food and Health/Beauty product Vendors must obtain a minimum of $1 million general liability coverage that includes Product and Premises Liability insurance, naming the Bloomfield Development Corporation and West Penn Hospital (the venue owner) as “additionally insured,” and provide certificates prior to vending.
    9. Set-up supplies: Vendors furnish their own tables, chairs, signage, and canopies. Canopies must be 10x10 and square, must be weighed down every week due to the variability of wind and weather at our site, and be in reasonable shape.
    10. Keep the Market Area Beautiful: Vendors will be asked to make their displays as attractive as possible, displaying items vertically by adding height to items displayed on tables. Vendors furnish their own broom, dustpans and garbage removal. Vendors are responsible for cleaning their stalls at the end of each Market day including sweeping space; garbage must be removed from the Market. Garbage, including boxes, MUST be taken with you and cannot be put in garbage cans on the lot.
    11. Subleasing Space: Vendors may not sublet space, or sell product for other people/businesses.
    12. Vehicle: Vehicles from which goods are sold must meet the Bloomfield Development Corporation’s standard of cleanliness: no rusted out, unpainted, visually objectionable vehicles, and/or bad odors will be allowed.
    13. Signage: Name/Location/Price/Origin: Vendors must display easy-to-read signage with the name of their business and its location or base of operations. Signage must be posted within the stall by 10:45AM and signs must be no smaller than 8x10. The price and origin (if different from business location) must be posted on or near items for sale.
    15. Vendors must comply with all local, state, and federal regulations that apply to their business.

  • Regulatory Compliance: Taxes, Licenses, and Insurance

    All vendors are required to have a Certificate of Liability Insurance documenting Bloomfield Development Corporation AND West Penn Hospital, the venue owner, as additional insured, along with any required permits or licenses on file with the Bloomfield Development Corporation prior to selling at the market.

    Bloomfield Development Corporation
    366 Gross Street
    Pittsburgh, PA 15224

    West Penn Hospital
    4800 Friendship Avenue
    Pittsburgh, PA 15224
  • Vendor Fees

    Full Season Vendors: Vendors interested in attending all 5 weeks of Bloomfield Winter Market
    • $200 for 10'x10' space
    • Additional 10x10 booths are available for $100 each

    Occasional Vendors: Vendors interested in attending less than 5 weeks
    • $50 per day
    • Additional 10x10 booths are available for $50 per day.

    Winter Market dates are 11/19, 12/10, 1/14, 2/11, 3/11
  • The market will be most successful when 100% of scheduled vendors are present. Vendors are required to notify Market Manager 24 HOURS PRIOR if they will be absent from the Market on any given Saturday.

    In cases of emergency, vendors must notify Market Manager ASAP.

    Market Manager: Ricky Kowalewski - 724.271.8971
  • Vendor Agreement

    WHEREAS, Bloomfield Development Corporation promotes a Farmers Market in the Bloomfield neighborhood of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania;
    WHEREAS "Vendor" wishes to rent a booth from Bloomfield Development Corporation, and THEREFORE, in consideration of the lease of the booth and other good and valuable consideration, the parties agree as follows:

    1. Vendor agrees to pay Bloomfield Development Corporation specified rent for space during the Bloomfield Winter Market.

    2. Vendor shall purchase general commercial liability insurance (or farm insurance) with at least $1,000,000 limits, and shall name Bloomfield Development Corporation and West Penn Hospital as additional insured and certificate holder. Certificate must be on file at Bloomfield Development Corporation prior to vending at the Bloomfield Winter Market.

    3. Vendor agrees to indemnify and hold harmless Bloomfield Development Corporation, and its employees, officers, directors, successors and assigns, against and from all of the following in connection with the Bloomfield Winter Market.
    (a) ALL claims, demands, actions and causes of action, together with the costs and expenses, including attorney fees of defending such a claim, resulting or arising from any claimed loss or damage to persons for injury or death or in property which may be due or result from the installation, occupancy, operation, use, maintenance or repair of any stand, bay, booth or other installation or structure of any kind.
    (b) ALL claims, demands, actions and causes of action, together with the costs and expenses, including attorney fees of defending such a claim, resulting or arising from any claimed damage from consumption of products, food or goods which are sold, obtained, received or acquired from any booth or other installations of any kind leased to the Vendor.

    4. Vendor shall pay Bloomfield Development Corporation the full amount of any loss or damage including, but not limited to court costs and attorney fees, which it may sustain, incur or become liable for defending or prosecuting any action or claim arising from this Agreement.

    5. Vendor agrees to obtain at Vendor’s cost all licenses / permits required by City of Pittsburgh and State of Pennsylvania, and to provide Bloomfield Development Corporation copies of all such licenses and permits.

    6. Vendor agrees to obtain at Vendor’s cost a Pennsylvania sales tax permit and to cause to be collected and paid to the State of Pennsylvania all applicable sales and local option taxes.

    7. Vendor has received the Bloomfield Winter Market Rules and Regulations. Vendor understands and agrees to follow all rules and regulations set forth by the Bloomfield Saturday Market as stated in the Rules and Regulations and in the Application Packet.

    8. The laws of Pennsylvania shall govern this Agreement and be binding upon the parties hereto.
  • Entering your name constitutes acknowledgement of agreement application to the Bloomfield Winter Market.
  • Please mail or email copies of additional insured certificates to:

    Ricky Kowalewski
    Bloomfield Development Corporation
    366 Gross Street
    The Daly Building of West Penn Hospital
    Pittsburgh, PA 15224

    Office: 412.681.8800
    Cell: 724.271.8971