Trees bring big benefits to Bloomfield

Communities gain long-term benefits from trees, from raising property values to significantly reducing storm water runoff. For a business district, the effects of trees can help their bottom line: visitors are willing to spend more in a commercial district lined with trees, which also increases their positive impression of the neighborhood. Trees also directly benefit health: several studies have directly linked trees in urban areas with healthier hearts and lower stress levels.

Bloomfield has the twelfth lowest tree canopy out of 90 Pittsburgh neighborhoods,

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Community ask for changes to Little Italy Days

  • Over 300 Bloomfield residents and business owners took the time to complete our survey about Bloomfield’s Little Italy Days. Their responses and comments were thoughtful, practical, and manageable, and summarized below.More discussion of Little Italy Days and potential next steps will be discussed at the Bloomfield Community Forum meeting on 4/21 at 6:30 pm. See April Events to the right for more details.
  • Publicize event detours three weeks before the event.
  • Remove garbage from neighborhood twice daily during the event.

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BDC Receives Grant for Housing Program

In early January, the Bloomfield Development Corporation (BDC) received a grant from the Pittsburgh Community Reinvestment Group (PCRG). The funding, which was awarded through PCRG’s Reimagining Communities Initiative, will be used to create a much-needed housing program in Bloomfield. The program will address housing issues in the neighborhood including repair and maintenance issues, as well as focusing on wealth building among residents.

Rising property taxes and other expenses often mean that homeowners on a low or fixed income have to prioritize other needs over home repairs or maintenance.

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The Results Are In!

What does the local community think about Bloomfield’s popular Little Italy Days festival? To find out, the Bloomfield Development Corporation (BDC) circulated a survey asking eleven questions, soliciting views about topics that included the event’s length, cleanliness, and size.

Of the 300 respondents, 64% of were residents, 11% businesses, and 19% visitors.

Conducted from mid October through December 31, the survey is the latest effort of the BDC to understand what the neighborhood wants and how best to advocate for it.

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A Good Year for the BDC

2015 was  a productive year for our staff and volunteers. Together, we made a difference.

Business District Development

  • Launched community process around liquor license transfers into neighborhood, holding two meetings.
  • Held 5 clean ups with more than 125 volunteers, resulting in over 1,200 pounds of garbage and weeds collected.
  • Installed and hosted a Park(ing) Day event with partner Bloomfield Livable Streets
  • Began process of creating a Commercial Property Database in order to track the condition of properties and the needs of owners and businesses.

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