Bloomfield Saturday Market offers more than fresh produce 

Farmer’s markets have long been the preeminent place to buy the freshest local produce, but in the last several years they are also becoming a creative way to address community needs. In addition to offering access to locally sourced food, spots like the Garfield Night Market, Lawrenceville farmer’s market, and East Liberty farmer’s market are helping to redefine the use of public space. With the addition of entertainment, family activities, and intentional social interaction, neighbors are coming to these marketplaces and finding more than just their week’s supply of fresh fruits and vegetables.

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Event producer invites further public input 

On April 23rd, Little Italy Days event producer, Sal Richetti, began a public meeting about the Little Italy Days festival by expressing his willingness to talk to or meet with anyone at any time. Mr. Richetti, who can be reached at 412.377.2923 or by email at, discussed planned improvements to garbage removal and entertainment schedules with community leaders before the meeting was opened to the community.

Concerns were raised about both the timing of street closures and garbage from both community leaders and Councilwoman Deb Gross,

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Restoration of “Pittsburgh’s Little Italy” sign is a work in progress

Restoration of the “Pittsburgh’s Little Italy” sign at the base of the Bloomfield bridge and in front of Shur Save is temporarily on hold due to circumstances beyond our control. We’re sad that the gray primer is staying up longer than intended, and hope to see the original colors restored soon.

What you see now has been scraped and sanded, and then a thick coat of an oil-based primer was applied. Plans were to begin applying color this past Tuesday,

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Trees bring big benefits to Bloomfield

Communities gain long-term benefits from trees, from raising property values to significantly reducing storm water runoff. For a business district, the effects of trees can help their bottom line: visitors are willing to spend more in a commercial district lined with trees, which also increases their positive impression of the neighborhood. Trees also directly benefit health: several studies have directly linked trees in urban areas with healthier hearts and lower stress levels.

Bloomfield has the twelfth lowest tree canopy out of 90 Pittsburgh neighborhoods,

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Community ask for changes to Little Italy Days

  • Over 300 Bloomfield residents and business owners took the time to complete our survey about Bloomfield’s Little Italy Days. Their responses and comments were thoughtful, practical, and manageable, and summarized below.More discussion of Little Italy Days and potential next steps will be discussed at the Bloomfield Community Forum meeting on 4/21 at 6:30 pm. See April Events to the right for more details.
  • Publicize event detours three weeks before the event.
  • Remove garbage from neighborhood twice daily during the event.

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