Police Chief Says Overall Crime Down in Zone 5


In late August, Zone 5 Commander Jason Lando released a crime alert to warn residents about an increase in robberies and aggravated assaults in Homewood, Highland Park and Friendship. The closest incidents to Bloomfield were on South Winebiddle Street where there were two cases of armed robbery. Commander Lando said that there would be an increase in uniformed and plain clothed police to address the crime.

Around the time of Commander Lando’s alert,

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Streetscape Demonstration Project Launches!

Bloomfield Demonstration Project

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Walk down Liberty Avenue in October and you might encounter some new neighbors – two sets of benches and planters installed in the block from Edmond Street to State Way. Temporarily installed by Bloomfield Development Corporation with support from Neighborhood Allies, the project’s goal is to provide community members with an opportunity to give feedback on what kind of planters and benches they would like in the neighborhood.

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Little Italy Days Update

Little Italy Days

Little Italy Days (Aug. 16-21) are here next week! Sal Richetti, event organizer for the festival,  held a public meeting on Monday Aug 8 and shared information on
parking, street closure and entertainment for the event. Sal and his team have put together a newsletter to outline how they have addressed concerns on parking, street closures, and local benefits.

Read the Festival Newsletter

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Community Forum Notes: July 2016


In July, Bloomfield Development Corporation held a Community Forum to share updates with the Bloomfield community. Speakers included members of Bloomfield Development Corporation and a resident updating a new home construction in the neighborhood. see the notes below.

Community Forum Notes July 16

Community Forum

Thursday, July, 21, 2016


Shepherd Wellness building, 4800 Sciota St

6:30 Welcome- Christina Howell

6:35 Introductions

6:40 Community Updates- Christina Howell &

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